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Amplification of adenosine deaminase gene sequences in deoxycoformycin-resistant rat hepatoma cells.

Deoxycoformycin-resistant rat hepatoma cells exhibit up to a 2000-fold increase in adenosine deaminase activity compared to the sensitive parental cells. The increased enzyme activity in these cells is accompanied by similar increases in 1) the amount of adenosine deaminase protein, 2) the relative rate of adenosine deaminase synthesis in vivo, and 3) adenosine deaminase mRNA activity. To further investigate the mechanism(s) responsible for the overproduction of adenosine deaminase in these cells, we have isolated a recombinant plasmid containing a 1.4-kilobase insert complementary to at least part of the adenosine deaminase mRNA. Using this cDNA as a specific hybridization probe, all deoxycoformycin-resistant variants were shown to have increased amounts of adenosine deaminase mRNA and gene sequences. The relative increase in the level of mRNA and gene copy number was similar to the relative increase in enzyme activity for most resistant cell lines. However, the degree of adenosine deaminase gene amplification in one deoxycoformycin-resistant cell line (6-10-200) was 3-4-fold less than the relative increase in adenosine deaminase mRNA. These results indicate that the increased adenosine deaminase activity in deoxycoformycin-resistant rat hepatoma cells is due in large part, but not exclusively, to gene amplification.[1]


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