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Preventing nursing burnout: a challenge for liaison psychiatry.

The authors conducted a study to assess and compare the level of job satisfaction among five groups of registered nurses working at UCLA Hospital. Fifty-seven female nurses completed the MMPI, Locus of Control Test, Work Environment Scale, and a questionnaire designed to assess job satisfaction. Results showed that there were no significant personality differences among the five groups of nurses. Significant differences between some of the groups were found in demographic variables and in work-related variables such as involvement, task orientation, work pressure, sense of authority on the job, and perceived communication with peers or other groups in the work environment. Nurses on the Medicine unit tended to have lower overall job satisfaction than those in the other units. The involvement of the Psychiatric Liaison Service on the five nursing units is described and discussed as a possible method for providing psychosocial support to the nurses and reducing high turnover rates.[1]


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