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The primary structure of bovine brain myelin lipophilin (proteolipid apoprotein).

The amino-acid sequence of bovine myelin lipophilin (proteolipid apoprotein, Folch-protein) has been completed. Lipophilin is a 276 amino acid residues containing, extremely hydrophobic membrane protein with molecular mass 30,000 Da. The sequence determination was based on automated Edman degradation of four tryptophan and four cyanogen bromide fragments and of proteolytic peptides of complete lipophilin as well as the fragments obtained by chemical cleavage. Four additional sequences were determined which led to the completion of the primary structure. Lipophilin is esterified at threonine-198 by long chain fatty acids (palmitic, stearic and oleic acid). The attachment site has been established at the same threonine residue in three different peptides isolated from thermolysinolytic, papainolytic and chymotrypsinolytic hydrolysates. This threonine residue is part of a hydrophilic segment of lipophilin. The covalent fatty acyl bond is being discussed together with important structural and functional properties of this membrane protein which can be derived from sequence information. New separation and purification methods of hydrophobic and hydrophilic polypeptides for this sequence determination (fractional solubilization, silica gel exclusion, high-performance liquid chromatography) had to be elaborated as indispensable tools. They are generally applicable to the structural analysis of hydrophobic membrane proteins. Four long (26, 29, 40 and 36 residues) and one medium long (12 residues) hydrophobic segments are separated by four predominantly positively and one negatively charged hydrophilic segments. On the basis of structural data a model for the membrane integration of lipophilin is proposed.[1]


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