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Apolipoprotein B (B-48) of rat chylomicrons is not a precursor of the apolipoprotein of low density lipoproteins.

We have found that, in chylomicrons from intestinal lymph fistulas in the rat, the sole molecular species of apolipoprotein B (apo B) is B-48. This protein is analogous to the B-48 apoprotein of human chylomicrons. In contrast, preparations of chylomicrons from blood serum are known to contain species of B apolipoproteins of higher molecular weight, presumably due to the presence of hepatogenous lipoproteins. We studied the removal of 125I-labeled apo B-48 of intestinal lymph chylomicrons from blood plasma of rats. The removal of [14C]cholesteryl esters of biologically labeled chylomicrons was unaffected by radioiodination. The labeled cholesteryl esters and apo B-48 disappeared rapidly from the density (P) less than 1.006 g/ml fraction of plasma. In contrast to the apo B of very low density lipoproteins (1.019 less then p less then 1.063 g/ml) after 1 hr. No 125I was found in the B-100 or B-95 apolipoproteins at any time. We conclude that, unlike the species of apo B found uniquely in hepatogenous very low density lipoproteins, the apo B-48 protein of chylomicrons is not a precursor of the B apoprotein of low density lipoproteins.[1]


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