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Epidermal growth factor inhibits growth of A431 human epidermoid carcinoma in serum-free cell culture.

A medium consisting of a rich basal nutrient mixture supplemented with bovine insulin (10 micrograms/ml), human transferrin (10 micrograms/ml), human cold-insoluble globulin (5 micrograms/ml), and ethanolamine (0.5 mM) supported the growth of the A431 human epidermoid cell line in the absence of serum with a generation time equal to that of cells in serum-containing medium. Addition of epidermal growth factor (EGF) to this culture medium at concentration mitogenic for other cell types resulted in a marked inhibition of A431 cell growth. Inhibitory effects of EGF were observed at 1 ng/ml and near-maximal effects were observed at 10 ng/ml. The inhibitory effect of EGF could be reversed by the omission of EGF in subsequent medium changes and could be prevented by the addition of anti-EGF antibody to the culture medium. Inhibition of A431 cell growth by EGF also could be demonstrated in serum-containing medium.[1]


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