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Monoclonal antibody to 5-bromo- and 5-iododeoxyuridine: A new reagent for detection of DNA replication.

Monoclonal antibodies specific for 5-bromodeoxyuridine have been produced and applied in detecting low levels of DNA replication on a cell-by-cell basis in vitro. The immunoglobulin-producing hybridomas were derived from spleen cells of mice immunized with a conjugate of iodouridine and ovalbumin. The cells were fused with the plasmacytoma line SP2/0Ag14. The antibodies produced are highly specific for bromodeoxyuridine and iododeoxyuridine and do not cross-react with thymidine. DNA synthesis in cultured cells exposed to bromodeoxyuridine for as short a time as 6 minutes can be detected easily and rapidly by an immunofluorescent staining method and quantitated by flow cytometry.[1]


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