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Presence of a cytochrome b-containing ferritin in Azotobacter vinelandii.

It has been demonstrated that a cytochrome b-containing ferritin is present in Azotobacter vinelandii. After DEAE cellulose chromatography and purification fractional precipitation by 50% of the saturated ammonium sulfate of the extract prepared from A. vinelandii cells, a hexagonal crystalline preparation is obtained. The protein contains 4--6% of nonheme iron. The protein molecule is made up of an electron dense iron core with a diameter of 70A and a protein shell with a diameter of 120A. The Fe core can be removed from the shell by the treatment with chelating and reducing agents. Electron micrographs and absorption spectra reveal that the protein shells are very similar before and after the removal of the core. The electrophoretic mobility and immunological properties of the Fe-free protein against the antibody of ferritin are very similar to those of the protein before the removal of the iron. From the above characteristics, it can be inferred that the protein belongs to ferritin. The protein part contains protoheme as prosthetic group and so it belongs to cytochrome b. Hence, the protein prepared from A. vinelandii is a kind of cytochrome b-containing ferritins. The possible role of the ferritin in biological nitrogen fixation is discussed in this paper.[1]


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