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Nitric oxide in essential and renal hypertension.

L-Arginine-derived nitric oxide (NO) maintains the systemic and renal vasculature in a state of active vasodilation. Inhibition of NO synthesis increases renal vascular tone, reducing RBF and GFR. Similar effects reproduced in other vascular beds result in systemic hypertension. In addition, NO modulates natriuresis by a direct effect on renal tubular function. Abnormalities of the L-arginine:NO pathway occur in experimental hypertension and renal disease and could contribute to alterations in vascular tone; similar abnormalities are seen in essential hypertension in humans. In dialysis-dependent renal failure, the accumulation of endogenous compounds that inhibit NO synthase could exacerbate renal hypertension by inhibiting vascular and renal tubular NO synthesis and might provoke atherogenesis.[1]


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