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Induction of transport of organic anions in Malpighian tubules of Rhodnius.

1.The ability of Rhodnius Malpighian tubules to transport organic anions such as p-aminohippuric acid (PAH) and amaranth depends on the physiological state of the insect. Unfed insects progressively lose this ability, but the transport mechanisms rapidly become activated after a blood meal. 2. This induction occurs in adults as well as larval instars and is not prevented by decapitation. 3. No increase in rates of excretion of organic anions follows a meal of Ringer's solution or a single injection of 0-1 mumoles of PAH into the haemolymph. 4. Accelerated PAH excretion is induced in insects fed (a) blood plasma alone or a suspension of red blood cells in saline, (b) solutions of serum albumin or casein, and (c) whole or diluted milk. 5. These results show that the ingestion of a protein-rich meal is sufficient to induce an accelerated transport of organic anions such as PAH and they suggest that this induction is not controlled by a hormone released in response to abdominal distension but depends instead on the continued presence in the haemolymph of some product of digestion of the meal.[1]


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