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Human sterol carrier protein x/sterol carrier protein 2 gene has two promoters.

The human sterol carrier protein x (SCPx)/sterol carrier protein 2 ( SCP2) gene gives rise to two mRNAs: a 2.8 kb mRNA encoding SCPx, a peroxisome-associated thiolase, and a 1.5 kb mRNA encoding SCP2, which is thought to be an intracellular lipid transfer protein. The SCPx/ SCP2 gene is highly expressed in organs involved in lipid metabolism, but the relative abundance of SCPx and SCP2 mRNAs varies. Here we report that the two transcripts are produced under the direction of two independent promoters. We determined the DNA sequence of 3.4 kb of the proximal promoter governing the transcription of SCPx sequences. The promoter governing the transcription of SCP2 sequences was identified 45 kb downstream from the SCPx promoter in intron XI. This promoter initiates transcription within exon XII. Both the SCPx and SCP2 promoters lack TATA boxes and initiate transcription at multiple sites. They share features that are found in the promoters of genes encoding other peroxisomal proteins. The basal activities of the two promoters were tested as fusion gene constructs in selected host cells, including BeWo choriocarcinoma cells, HepG2 hepatoblastoma cells, murine Y1 adrenocortical tumor cells, and Balb 3T3 fibroblasts. Cell host-specific patterns of promoter activity were observed. In addition, 8-Br-cAMP and phorbol myristate acetate were found to increase SCPx promoter activity in a host cell-specific manner. The SCP2 promoter was not significantly influenced by these agents.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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