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Ras-transformed cells express both CD44 and RHAMM hyaluronan receptors: only RHAMM is essential for hyaluronan-promoted locomotion.

Hyaluronan (HA) is an important regulator of cell locomotion. We show that ras-transformed cells, termed 245 cells, respond to HA with an increase in random locomotion. We show that two HA receptors, RHAMM (receptor for hyaluronan- mediated motility) and CD44, are present on these ras-transformed fibroblasts. RHAMM is expressed as a 58-kDa protein and is distributed primarily as patches over lamellae. CD44 occurs largely as an 85- to 90-kDa protein that is distributed more or less evenly over the cell surface with small amounts concentrated at the tips of lamellae. CD44 and RHAMM both bind biotinylated HA in a transblot assay, indicating that they are both potential fibroblast HA receptors. CD44 binds approximately five times more HA than RHAMM as determined by densitometric analysis of transblots, indicating that this protein is the major HA receptor on fibroblasts. We assessed the role of these receptors in mediating the stimulatory effects of HA on cell motility by using antibody neutralization. Several antibodies to CD44 were used that inhibit HA/CD44 interactions. None of these had an effect on locomotory responses to HA, indicating that CD44 is not directly involved in mediating locomotion in response to HA on ras-transformed cells. In contrast, antibodies specific to RHAMM completely inhibited locomotion, indicating that RHAMM is the primary mediator of HA-promoted locomotion of ras-transformed cells.[1]


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