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Functional implications of structure-based sequence alignment of proteins in the extracellular pectate lyase superfamily.

Pectate lyases are plant virulence factors that degrade the pectate component of the plant cell wall. The enzymes share considerable sequence homology with plant pollen and style proteins, suggesting a shared structural topology and possibly functional relationships as well. The three-dimensional structures of two Erwinia chrysanthemi pectate lyases, C and E, have been superimposed and the structurally conserved amino acids have been identified. There are 232 amino acids that superimpose with a root-mean-square deviation of 3 A or less. These amino acids have been used to correct the primary sequence alignment derived from evolution-based techniques. Subsequently, multiple alignment techniques have allowed the realignment of other extracellular pectate lyases as well as all sequence homologs, including pectin lyases and the plant pollen and style proteins. The new multiple sequence alignment reveals amino acids likely to participate in the parallel beta helix motif, those involved in binding Ca2+, and those invariant amino acids with potential catalytic properties. The latter amino acids cluster in two well-separated regions on the pectate lyase structures, suggesting two distinct enzymatic functions for extracellular pectate lyases and their sequence homologs.[1]


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