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(-)-R-fenoprofen: formation of fenoprofenyl-coenzyme A by rat liver microsomes.

The thioesterification of fenoprofen (FPF) by rat liver microsomes has been studied using an HPLC method enabling direct quantification of the FPF-CoA produced. Over the concentration range studied (5-400 microM), studies showed the participation of a single CoA ligase in the formation of FPF-CoA, in contrast with the involvement of several isozymes with different affinities, that has been found with ibuprofen (IPF). The Km for the reaction was dependent upon the presence of non-ionic detergent, a concentration of 0.05% Triton X-100 reducing the Km from 397 to 20 microM although the detergent had no effect on Vmax. The microsomal long-chain fatty acid CoA ligase was markedly enantioselective towards (-)-R-FPF and the formation of (-)-R-FP-CoA was inhibited by both the (+)-S enantiomer and palmitic acid.[1]


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