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Lack of amnestic, psychotomimetic or impairing effect on psychomotor performance of eliprodil, a new NMDA antagonist.

The possible effects on memory, psychomotor performance and mood of eliprodil, a new non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist acting through the polyamine modulatory site, was assessed in a randomized, double-blind, cross-over, placebo-controlled study involving 11 healthy young male volunteers. Eliprodil 30 mg, a placebo and midazolam 15 mg, a positive control, were administered as a single oral dose at 1 week wash-out intervals. Objective tests evaluated both memory (Sternberg memory scanning and paired words for short-term memory, delayed free recall of pictures for long-term memory) and psychomotor functions and arousal (critical flicker fusion threshold, choice reaction time, body sway). Mood was assessed using self-ratings (LARS, POMS, ARCI). Statistical analysis was performed using an ANOVA with pairwise comparisons using Tukey's method. A single dose of eliprodil 30 mg was free of any detrimental effect on memory and skilled performance and did not produce either subjective sedation or excitation or psychotomimetic effects in comparison with placebo. In contrast, a single dose of midazolam 15 mg induced a marked impairment in psychomotor performance and cognitive functions (significant reduction in CFF, increase in CRT and body sway, disruption of short- and long-term memory). The potent sedative activity of midazolam, peaking 1 to 3 h post-dose, was confirmed by subjective evaluation and had disappeared 8 h post-dose.[1]


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