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The global transcriptional regulators, SSN6 and TUP1, play distinct roles in the establishment of a repressive chromatin structure.

Repression of a-cell specific gene expression in yeast alpha cells requires MAT alpha 2 and MCM1, as well as two global repressors, SSN6 and TUP1. Previous studies demonstrated that nucleosomes positioned adjacent to the alpha 2/MCM1 operator in alpha cells directly contribute to repression. To investigate the possibility that SSN6 and TUP1 provide a link between MAT alpha 2/MCM1 and neighboring histones, nucleosome locations were examined in ssn6 and tup1 alpha cells. In both cases, nucleosome positions downstream of the operator were disrupted, and the severity of the disruption correlated with the degree of derepression. Nevertheless, the observed changes in chromatin structure were not dependent on transcription. Our data strongly indicate that SSN6 and TUP1 directly organize repressive regions of chromatin.[1]


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