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The effect of restorative materials on the wear of human enamel.

The wear of human dental enamel against amalgam, Concise composite, SR-Isosit Inlay/Onlay composite, Vitadur-N glazed porcelain, unglazed IPS Empress ceramic, and enamel (control) was investigated by use of a modified stress cycling machine. Testing was carried out in water and in citric acid (pH 4) and the enamel-material couples were subjected to 25,000 cycles of wear with a maximum load of 40 N. Tooth profile reduction was measured at baseline and at 5000 cyclic intervals with a computer image analysis program. The depth of the wear scars on material specimens was analyzed with a profilometer. All materials produced increased enamel wear in acid. Vitadur-N glazed porcelain was found to be the most destructive to human dental enamel, and this was closely followed by Empress and enamel.[1]


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