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Use of promethazine to hasten adaptation to provocative motion.

In an earlier study, the authors found that severely motion sick individuals could be greatly relieved of their symptoms by intramuscular injections of promethazine (50 mg) or scopolamine (.5 mg). Comparable 50-mg injections of promethazine also have been found effective in alleviating symptoms of space motion sickness. The concern has risen, however, that such drugs may delay or retard the acquisition of adaptation to stressful environments. In the current study, we controlled arousal using a mental arithmetic task and precisely equated the exposure history (number of head movements during rotation) of a placebo, control group and an experimental group who had received promethazine. No differences in total adaptation or in rates of adaptation were present between the two groups. Another experimental group also received promethazine and was allowed to make as many head movements as they could, before reaching nausea, up to 800. This group showed a greater level of adaptation than the placebo group. These results suggest a strategy for dealing with space motion sickness that is described.[1]


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