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Distribution of dystrophin isoforms and dystrophin- associated proteins 43DAG (A3a) and 50DAG (A2) in various monkey tissues.

To determine the distributions of two known dystrophin isoforms derived from the 3' part of the dystrophin gene and of the dystrophin-associated proteins [50DAG (A2) and 43DAG (A3a)] by immunoblot analysis, we examined various monkey tissues [skeletal (quadriceps), cardiac (left ventricle), and smooth (aorta and uterus) muscles, lung, liver, central nervous system (cerebrum, cerebellum, and spinal cord), and peripheral nerve (sciatic nerve)]. With the antibody against the C-terminal domain of dystrophin, we found three bands other than the 400-kDa band corresponding to dystrophin or utrophin. These are a 130-kDa band detected in central nervous system, a 110-kDa band in peripheral nerve and spinal cord, and a 70-kDa band in all the tissues examined except skeletal muscle and peripheral nerve. The 130-kDa band may be a novel protein not yet reported, while the last two bands may correspond to Dp116 and Dp71, respectively [Lederfein et al. (1992) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 89, 5346-5350 and Byers et al. (1993) Nature Genet. 4, 77-81]. Dystrophin-associated protein, 43DAG, was detected in all the tissues examined, but 50DAG was detected only in skeletal and cardiac muscles. Furthermore, a unique 70-kDa band reacting with anti-50DAG antiserum was found in all the tissues other than skeletal muscle.[1]


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