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Treatment of Strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection syndrome with thiabendazole administered per rectum.

There is a rising interest in Strongyloides stercoralis infection due to the expanding population of immunosuppressed patients. Currently the drug of choice for both enteric and tissue forms of infection with this organism is oral thiabendazole. We report a patient with a small bowel obstruction due to S. stercoralis hyperinfection who was unable to take thiabendazole orally. Thiabendazole was administered rectally, and the hyperinfection syndrome resolved. Peak serum concentrations of thiabendazole were achieved 4 hours after rectal administration, and drug levels were sustained longer than previously reported with oral dosing. In addition, elevated levels of thiabendazole metabolites in the patient's urine further confirmed significant absorption. Rectal administration of thiabendazole should be considered for patients unable to take the medication orally.[1]


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