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BCM Search Launcher--an integrated interface to molecular biology data base search and analysis services available on the World Wide Web.

The BCM Search Launcher is an integrated set of World Wide Web (WWW) pages that organize molecular biology-related search and analysis services available on the WWW by function, and provide a single point of entry for related searches. The Protein Sequence Search Page, for example, provides a single sequence entry form for submitting sequences to WWW servers that offer remote access to a variety of different protein sequence search tools, including BLAST, FASTA, Smith-Waterman, BEAUTY, PROSITE, and BLOCKS searches. Other Launch pages provide access to (1) nucleic acid sequence searches, (2) multiple and pair-wise sequence alignments, (3) gene feature searches, (4) protein secondary structure prediction, and (5) miscellaneous sequence utilities (e.g., six-frame translation). The BCM Search Launcher also provides a mechanism to extend the utility of other WWW services by adding supplementary hypertext links to results returned by remote servers. For example, links to the NCBI's Entrez data base and to the Sequence Retrieval System ( SRS) are added to search results returned by the NCBI's WWW BLAST server. These links provide easy access to auxiliary information, such as Medline abstracts, that can be extremely helpful when analyzing BLAST data base hits. For new or infrequent users of sequence data base search tools, we have preset the default search parameters to provide the most informative first-pass sequence analysis possible. We have also developed a batch client interface for Unix and Macintosh computers that allows multiple input sequences to be searched automatically as a background task, with the results returned as individual HTML documents directly to the user's system. The BCM Search Launcher and batch client are available on the WWW at URL[1]


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