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Juvenile hormone regulation and developmental expression of a Tenebrio desiccation stress protein gene.

Levels of a 28 kDa hemolymph protein, desiccation stress protein (dsp28), in the mealworm beetle, Tenebrio molitor, increase in response to desiccation and cold stress and are also developmentally regulated under nonstress conditions. Dsp28 mRNA is produced in the fat body, and its abundance changes dramatically throughout development. Transcript abundance increases throughout larval development, drops at pupation, and increases again in adults, the highest levels being found in females. The juvenile hormone (JH) analogue, methoprene, increased dsp28 transcript accumulation in pupae, suggesting that changing JH titres have a role in developmental expression and also perhaps contribute to dsp28 regulation during conditions of environmental stress. Genomic DNA, containing the entire dsp28 coding region plus 1.3 kb of upstream sequence, was isolated and potential regulatory sequences, including putative JH response elements, were identified.[1]


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