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Endothelin-B receptor mutations in patients with isolated Hirschsprung disease from a non-inbred population.

Hirschsprung disease (HSCR), or aganglionic megacolon, is the most common cause of congenital intestinal obstruction. Two different loci have been found to be tightly linked to HSCR on chromosomes 10 and 13, respectively. Recently, mutations in the RET protooncogene on chromosome 10q11.2 were identified in several HSCR patients. In addition, a missense mutation in the endothelin-B receptor (EDNRB) gene on chromosome 13q22 was found in an inbred Mennonite kindred affected by HSCR and associated abnormalities, demonstrating the involvement of EDNRB in HSCR pathogenesis. To test whether mutations in the EDNRB gene could account for Hirschsprung in patients from non-inbred populations, we analysed DNA samples from 17 probands of Italian origin with HSCR. We have identified two novel EDNRB mutations: a missense mutation in a sporadic case, S305N, which leads to a change of a serine to an asparagine, disrupting a putative phosphorylation site; and a single nucleotide deletion in a familial case, N378I, resulting in a truncated protein. Both mutations were found in one of the healthy parents, and neither of these mutations were found in any of the normal individuals tested. These data confirm the involvement of EDNRB in HSCR pathogenesis and demonstrate that EDNRB mutations could contribute to HSCR disease in non-inbred populations.[1]


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