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Kindled seizure-induced c-fos and prodynorphin mRNA expressions are unrelated in the rat brain.

Levels of mRNA for c-fos and prodynorphin were studied by in situ hybridization in adjacent coronal sections taken from kindled rats 30-60 min after the last seizure. Within this time frame, expression of both genes was induced in multiple brain areas. Anatomical colocalization of the induced gene expressions was found in the hippocampus. Induction of c-fos in the dentate gyrus was bilateral and symmetrical in a subgroup of rats, ipsilateral in another subgroup and absent in a third subgroup. However, no relative increase was observed in the ipsilateral compared with the contralateral prodynorphin expression in the dentate gyrus when c-fos expression was induced ipsilaterally only. These observations suggest that, at variance with other experimental situations, Fos is not involved in the mechanisms of kindled seizure- induced activation of prodynorphin transcription in the rat forebrain.[1]


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