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Derepression of gene expression mediated by the 5' upstream region of the isocitrate lyase gene of Candida tropicalis is controlled by two distinct regulatory pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The 5' upstream region of the gene encoding isocitrate lyase of Candida tropicalis (UPR-ICL) is functional as a promoter in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and it is regulated by carbon source; the expression of the gene is repressed when cells are grown on glucose, while it increases to a higher level in acetate-grown cells. Therefore, we have investigated regions in UPR-ICL responsible for gene expression in glucose-grown and acetate-grown cells. In glucose-grown cells, a deletion of the region between -801 and -569 (region G1) significantly decreased gene expression compared with that observed with the complete UPR-ICL. The region from -421 to -379 (region G2) also repressed gene expression in glucose-grown cells. In acetate-grown cells, two regions were found to strongly enhance gene expression, one between -728 and -569 (region A1) and the other between -370 and -356 (region A2). Whereas region A2 contained a sequence motif similar to the carbon-source-responsive element (CSRE), which mediates regulation by carbon source of S. cerevisiae ICL1, region A1 did not show similarity to any reported cis-acting elements. Deletion mutants of UPR-ICL containing only one of these regions showed that each region could independently activate gene expression to a similar level when the cells were grown on acetate. The influences of null mutations in the MIG1, SNF1 and CAT8 genes on regulation of UPR-ICL-mediated gene expression were examined. Expression of the ICL gene with full-length UPR-ICL increased about tenfold in mig1 cells grown on glucose, while little difference was observed in acetate-grown cells. The effects of snf1 and cat8 mutations were different between region-A1-mediated and region-A2-mediated gene expression in acetate-grown cells. Region-A2-mediated expression decreased 95% and 86% in snf1 and cat8 cells, respectively, while region-A1-mediated expression decreased 72% in snf1 cells and was not affected by the cat8 mutation. This finding indicates that region-A1-mediated gene expression is regulated by a pathway independent of CAT8, which is necessary for derepression of CSRE-mediated gene expression in S. cerevisiae.[1]


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