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Homozygosity and linkage-disequilibrium mapping of the urofacial (Ochoa) syndrome gene to a 1-cM interval on chromosome 10q23-q24.

The urofacial (Ochoa) syndrome (UFS) is a rare autosomal recessive disease characterized by congenital obstructive uropathy and abnormal facial expression. The patients present with enuresis, urinary-tract infection, hydronephrosis, and voiding dysfunctions as a result of neurogenic bladders. To map the UFS gene, a genome screen using a combination of homozygosity-mapping and DNA-pooling strategies was performed in 20 selected patients, one patient pool, and three control pools (unaffected relatives). After analyses of 36 randomly chosen markers, D10S677 was identified as being linked to and associated with UFS, as suggested by a significant excess of homozygosity in patients compared with that in unaffected relatives (P < 10(-6)), as well as by the allelic-frequency differences between the patient pool and control pools. Ten additional markers flanking D10S677 and covering a 22-cM region then were analyzed to fine-map the UFS gene by use of haplotype (linkage disequilibrium) analysis. All 31 patients were found to be homozygous for two closely linked markers (D10S1726 and D10S198) located approximately 5 cM telomeric to D10S677, whereas only 12% of the unaffected relatives were homozygous for both markers (P < 10(-19)). Several patients are heterozygous at two markers immediately flanking D10S1726/D10S198, one on the centromeric side (D10S1433) and the other on the telomeric side (D10S603). These recombinational events place the UFS gene near D10S1726/D10S198 and within a 1-cM interval defined by D10S1433 and D10S603 on chromosome 10q23-q24.[1]


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