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The effect of doxapram-induced hyperventilation on respiratory mechanics in horses.

To investigate the influence of increased respiratory frequency on respiratory mechanics in the horse, measurements were made in two groups of seven tracheostomized horses before and after the administration of doxapram. The horses in group I had normal base line values for respiratory mechanics, whereas the horses in group II had significantly lower values of dynamic compliance (Cdyn), higher respiratory resistance (R), and a higher total change in pleural pressure (delta P). The administration of 0.3 mg kg-1 doxapram intravenously resulted in a significant increase in respiratory frequency (fR), R, delta P, tidal volume (VT), and peak to peak respiratory flow (V), and a decrease in Cdyn in both groups of horses. The group II horses had significantly greater increases in R and delta P than the horses in group I.[1]


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