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Disabled-2 ( Dab2) is an SH3 domain- binding partner of Grb2.

Disabled-2 ( Dab2), a mammalian structural homolog of Drosophila Disabled ( Dab), is a mitogen-responsive phosphoprotein. It has been speculated to be a negative regulator of growth since its expression is lost in ovarian carcinomas. Dab2 contains a C-terminal proline-rich domain with sequences similar to those found in Sos, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Ras. The proline-rich sequences of Sos mediate the interaction of Sos with Grb2, an adaptor protein which coupled tyrosine kinase receptors to Sos. Herein, we have investigated the possibility that Dab2 interacts with Grb2. In experiments of co-immunoprecipitation from BAC1.2F5 macrophage cell lysates, significant quantities of Grb2 were associated with both Sos and Dab2, although Dab2 and Sos were not present in the same complex. Transfection of Dab2 into a Dab2-negative cell line (293 cells) decreased the amount of Grb2 associated with Sos, suggesting that Dab2 competes with Sos for binding to Grb2. Proline-rich peptides corresponding to Dab2 (#661-669) and to Sos (#1146-1161) inhibited the binding of Dab2 to Grb2, but were less effective in disrupting the Grb2- Sos complex. The expressed proline-rich domain of Dab2 (#600-730) bound Grb2, but other regions of Dab2 failed to bind Grb2. Both of the individual SH3 domains of Grb2 bound to Sos (N-terminal SH3 domain >> C-terminal SH3 domain), but binding to Dab2 required the intact Grb2, suggesting cooperative binding using both SH3 domains of Grb2. These data indicate that Dab2 binds to the SH3 domains of Grb2 via its C-terminal proline-rich sequences. Dab2 may modulate growth factor/Ras pathways by competing with Sos for binding to Grb2.[1]


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