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Anti-ketogenic effect of glucose in the lactating cow deprived of food.

1. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of a constant infusion of glucose on the ketosis that is observed when dairy cows are deprived of food in early lactation. 2. Cows in early lactation were first deprived of food for 4 days (96h) to induce a 'fasting ketosis'. Glucose was then infused intravenously at a constant rate of 0.75 g/min for 48h while deprivation of food was maintained. At the end of this 48 h period, blood and liver ketone-body concentrations had decreased to values well below those found in healthy fed cows. 3. On the assumption that the anti-ketogenic effect of glucose was mainly due to suppression of hepatic ketogenesis, it was concluded that two anti-ketogenic mechanisms had been identified. These were (a) a decrease in the availability of free fatty acids for hepatic oxidation, and (b) anti-ketogenic changes within the liver itself. 4. These latter anti-ketogenic changes were twofold. The first was a major increase in the hepatic concentrations of citrate and 2-oxoglutarate. The second was an increase in the degree of oxidation of the hepatic cytosol. It was proposed that both these intrahepatic changes might indicate an augmentation of the quantity of oxaloacetate available for condensation with acetyl-CoA derived from fat oxidation. 5. Hepatic glycerol 1-phosphate concentration fell substantially after glucose infusion. 6. Glucose infusion into fed cows produced qualitatively similar effects to those observed in the unfed cows. However, blood and liver ketone-body concentrations were not decreased to the same extent in the fed cows as in the unfed cows.[1]


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