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Genomic characterization of the Neurofibromatosis Type 1 gene of Fugu rubripes.

The genomic structure of the Neurofibromatosis Type1 (NF1) gene of Fugu rubripes was investigated by sequence analysis of two overlapping cosmids. The Fugu NF1 gene spans 27 kb and is 13 times smaller than the human counterpart owing primarily to reduced intron size. The predicted amino acid sequence is highly related to that of human neurofibromin, exhibiting an overall similarity of 91.5%. Nearly all exons described for the human NF1 gene could be identified, except exon 12b and the alternatively spliced exons 9br and 48a. With the exception of the splice acceptor site in front of exon 16, all splice sites are in identical positions to those found in the human gene. Intron 1, which is 100-140 kb long in humans, spans 2575 bp in the Fugu NF1 gene. Another large intron of the human NF1 gene, intron 27b (45-50 kb), is 3942 bp of size in Fugu. Sequences related to the OMgp gene (Oligodendrocyte-Myelin-glycoprotein) or the EVI2A gene (ecotropic viral integration site), which are inserted into human NF1 intron 27b, were not detected in the corresponding Fugu intron. However, a single exon gene with similarity to the human EVI2B gene has been found on the reverse strand of Fugu intron 27b. This suggests that the human EVI2B gene and the Fugu gene in intron 27b have a common ancestor. We found the expression of this inserted gene in liver and kidney, but not in brain tissue of Fugu rubripes.[1]


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