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The Arabidopsis CHL1 protein plays a major role in high-affinity nitrate uptake.

The CHL1 (NRT1) gene of Arabidopsis encodes a nitrate-inducible nitrate transporter that is thought to be a component of the low-affinity (mechanism II) nitrate-uptake system in plants. A search was performed to find high-affinity (mechanism I) uptake mutants by using chlorate selections on plants containing Tag1 transposable elements. Chlorate-resistant mutants defective in high-affinity nitrate uptake were identified, and one had a Tag1 insertion in chl1, which was responsible for the phenotype. Further analysis showed that chl1 mutants have reduced high-affinity uptake in induced plants and are missing a saturable component of the constitutive, high-affinity uptake system in addition to reduced low-affinity uptake. The contribution of CHL1 to constitutive high-affinity uptake is higher when plants are grown at more acidic pH, conditions that increase the level of CHL1 mRNA. chl1 mutants show reduced membrane depolarization in root epidermal cells in response to low (250 microM) and high (10 mM) concentrations of nitrate. Low levels of nitrate (100 microM) induce a rapid increase in CHL1 mRNA. These results show that CHL1 is an important component of both the high-affinity and the low-affinity nitrate-uptake systems and indicate that CHL1 may be a dual-affinity nitrate transporter.[1]


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