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Postoperative anisocoria in a patient undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery.

OBJECTIVE: Anisocoria after sinus surgery can be related to serious complications such as intraorbital hematoma or increased intracranial pressure secondary to an expanding hematoma. CASE REPORT: A 51-year-old man underwent endoscopic surgery of sinuses, and developed anisocoria; likely a result of the local spread of cocaine used to provide local anesthesia and vasoconstriction. The localized effect of this anesthetic agent produced a typical picture of nasociliary ganglion block that subsided in a few hours. In the results, the nasociliary nerve block was noticed on recovery from anesthesia with no other neurologic deficit. Ophthalmologic examination demonstrated a short-lasting anisocoria with loss of accommodation and sensory block over the tip of the nose. CONCLUSION: The central spread of the local anesthetics should be considered as a differential diagnosis of unexplained anisocoria, especially when it is associated with loss of corneal reflex.[1]


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