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Therapy and drug resistance in malaria.

The aim of this study was to highlight the high degree of clinical resistance of P. falciparum and also of P. vivax to chloroquine and also the importance of early diagnosis and prompt treatment. Ninety cases of smear positive malaria aged between 6 months to 14 years were studied with regards to clinical manifestations, management and outcome. Criteria for drug resistance were absence of clearance of parasitemia and/or persistance of fever after 72 hours of therapy. Chloroquin resistance was noted in 15 (62.5%) cases of falciparum malaria and 15 (51.7%) cases of vivax malaria. The resistant and complicated cases were treated with quinine. Four (6.6%) cases were resistant to quinine and responded to artemether. There was no mortality. Early reporting of cases, frequent sampling malarial parasite, prompt diagnosis of falciparum malaria, early institution of appropriate therapy and awareness of choloquine and/or quinine resistance helps in salvaging lives.[1]


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