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A case of basilar impression complicated with left frontal meningioma.

Case report: A 75-year-old baikarian woman was admitted to our hospital for treatment of seizures. From the results of neurological and radiological examination, a left frontal meningioma was suspected and the patient was referred to our department for neurosurgical intervention. At admission, the MRI showed a basilar impression accompanied by Klippel-Feil syndrome of C4/5/6/7, but neurological symptoms of basilar impression were absent. Subsequently, the tumor was resected via the left frontal approach using microsurgical technique. Histological examination disclosed fibroblastic meningioma. DISCUSSION: The coincidence of basilar impression with a brain tumor is a relatively rare occurrence. There are a few reports about craniovertebral junction anomaly including basilar impression associated with spinal or cerebral tumor. This time, we present an interesting combined case of BI and Klippel-Feil syndrome associated with left frontal meningioma.[1]


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