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N-myc amplification causes down-modulation of MHC class I antigen expression in neuroblastoma.

Amplification of the N-myc gene is correlated with increased metastatic ability of human neuroblastomas. We show here that overexpression of the N-myc gene in a rat neuroblastoma cell line following gene transfer causes down-modulation of class I histocompatibility antigen expression and increases in the in vivo growth rate and metastatic ability of these cells. N-myc- mediated down-modulation of MHC class I antigen expression could be reversed by treatment with interferon without affecting the steady state level of N-myc mRNA. No effect on MHC class I antigen expression was found when the N-myc gene was expressed in rat fibroblasts, indicating that some of the effects caused by N-myc gene amplification are cell-type-specific.[1]


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