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Localization of seven new genes around the HLA-A locus.

A yeast artificial chromosome (YAC B30) with a 320 kb insert of genomic DNA which includes the HLA-A gene was used to screen a cDNA library of human duodenal mucosa. Seven cDNA clones were isolated which correspond to seven new non-HLA class I structural genes. These new genes are located within a region that may well contain the gene responsible for hemochromatosis and have therefore been named HCG I-VII (Hemochromatosis Candidate Gene). HCG I, III, V and VI are probably single copy genes, situated at 180, 155, 140 and 230 kb centromeric to HLA-A, respectively. HCG II, IV and VII present several copies: one copy of HCG II, one of HCG IV and one of HCG VII are centromeric to HLA-A (at 30, 70 and 100 kb respectively). Another copy of HCG IV is 20 kb telomeric to HLA-A. Each of the genes localized on the YAC B30 is associated with an CpG/HTF island.[1]


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