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George V. Z. Dedoussis

Department of Dietetics-Nutrition

Harokopio University

17671 Athens



Name/email consistency: high



  • Department of Dietetics-Nutrition, Harokopio University, 17671 Athens, Greece. 2001 - 2011
  • University of Athens, Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Harokopio, Greece. 2003 - 2007
  • Harokopio University, Department of Science Dietetics-Nutrition, El.Venizelou, 70, 17671, Greece. 2007
  • Center for Thalassaemia, LAIKO General Hospital, Athens, Greece. 2000
  • Nursing Military Academy, Vironas, Athens, 16201, Greece. 1999
  • LAIKO General Hospital, Center for Thalassemia, Athens, Greece. 1999


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  2. Expression of inflammatory molecules and associations with BMI in children. Dedoussis, G.V., Kapiri, A., Samara, A., Dimitriadis, D., Lambert, D., Pfister, M., Siest, G., Visvikis-Siest, S. Eur. J. Clin. Invest. (2010) [Pubmed]
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  4. Adipokine expression in adipose tissue and in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in children Correlation with BMI and fatty acid content. Dedoussis, G.V., Kapiri, A., Kalogeropoulos, N., Samara, A., Dimitriadis, D., Lambert, D., Pfister, M., Siest, G., Visvikis-Siest, S. Clin. Chim. Acta (2009) [Pubmed]
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  8. Co-inheritance of a PKD1 mutation and homozygous PKD2 variant: a potential modifier in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. Dedoussis, G.V., Luo, Y., Starremans, P., Rossetti, S., Ramos, A.J., Cantiello, H.F., Katsareli, E., Ziroyannis, P., Lamnissou, K., Harris, P.C., Zhou, J. Eur. J. Clin. Invest. (2008) [Pubmed]
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  11. Cholesteryl ester-transfer protein (CETP) polymorphism and the association of acute coronary syndromes by obesity status in Greek subjects: the CARDIO2000-GENE study. Dedoussis, G.V., Panagiotakos, D.B., Louizou, E., Mantoglou, I., Chrysohoou, C., Lamnisou, K., Pitsavos, C., Stefanadis, C. Hum. Hered. (2007) [Pubmed]
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  22. HbF production in beta thalassaemia heterozygotes for the IVS-II-1 G-->A beta(0)-globin mutation. Implication of the haplotype and the (G)gamma-158 C-->T mutation on the HbF level. Dedoussis, G.V., Mandilara, G.D., Boussiu, M., Loutradis, A. Am. J. Hematol. (2000) [Pubmed]
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  24. Endogenous interleukin 6 conveys resistance to cis-diamminedichloroplatinum-mediated apoptosis of the K562 human leukemic cell line. Dedoussis, G.V., Mouzaki, A., Theodoropoulou, M., Menounos, P., Kyrtsonis, M.C., Karameris, A., Maniatis, A. Exp. Cell Res. (1999) [Pubmed]
  25. Fetal hemoglobin expression in the compound heterozygous state for -117 (G-->A) Agamma HPFH and IVSII-745 (C-->G) beta+ thalassemia: a case study. Dedoussis, G.V., Sinopoulou, K., Gyparaki, M., Loutradis, A. Am. J. Hematol. (1999) [Pubmed]
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