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E.S. Baekkevold

Laboratory for Immunohistochemistry and Immunopathology (LIIPAT)

Institute of Pathology

University of Oslo

The National Hospital



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  • Laboratory for Immunohistochemistry and Immunopathology (LIIPAT), Institute of Pathology, University of Oslo, The National Hospital, Norway. 1999 - 2001


  1. The CCR7 ligand elc (CCL19) is transcytosed in high endothelial venules and mediates T cell recruitment. Baekkevold, E.S., Yamanaka, T., Palframan, R.T., Carlsen, H.S., Reinholt, F.P., von Andrian, U.H., Brandtzaeg, P., Haraldsen, G. J. Exp. Med. (2001) [Pubmed]
  2. Culture characterization of differentiated high endothelial venule cells from human tonsils. Baekkevold, E.S., Jahnsen, F.L., Johansen, F.E., Bakke, O., Gaudernack, G., Brandtzaeg, P., Haraldsen, G. Lab. Invest. (1999) [Pubmed]
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