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Toshiaki Ishii

Department of Basic Veterinary Medicine

Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine


Hokkaido 080-8555



Name/email consistency: high



  • Department of Basic Veterinary Medicine, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Obihiro, Hokkaido 080-8555, Japan. 2001 - 2010


  1. Bilateral lesions of the mesencephalic trigeminal sensory nucleus stimulate hippocampal neurogenesis but lead to severe deficits in spatial memory resetting. Ishii, T., Suenaga, R., Iwata, W., Miyata, R., Fujikawa, R., Muroi, Y. Brain Res. (2010) [Pubmed]
  2. Integrin-linked kinase is involved in lactoferrin-induced anchorage-independent cell growth and survival in PC12 cells. Ishii, T., Uto, T., Mori, K., Fujikawa, R. Life Sci. (2009) [Pubmed]
  3. Bovine lactoferrin stimulates anchorage-independent cell growth via membrane-associated chondroitin sulfate and heparan sulfate proteoglycans in PC12 cells. Ishii, T., Ishimori, H., Mori, K., Uto, T., Fukuda, K., Urashima, T., Nishimura, M. J. Pharmacol. Sci. (2007) [Pubmed]
  4. Chronic intracerebroventricular administration of anti-neuropeptide Y antibody stimulates starvation-induced feeding via compensatory responses in the hypothalamus. Ishii, T., Muranaka, R., Tashiro, O., Nishimura, M. Brain Res. (2007) [Pubmed]
  5. Administration of xenobiotics with anti-estrogenic effects results in mRNA induction of adult male-specific cytochrome P450 isozymes in the livers of adult female rats. Ishii, T., Nishimura, K., Nishimura, M. J. Pharmacol. Sci. (2006) [Pubmed]
  6. The mesencephalic trigeminal sensory nucleus is involved in acquisition of active exploratory behavior induced by changing from a diet of exclusively milk formula to food pellets in mice. Ishii, T., Furuoka, H., Kitamura, N., Muroi, Y., Nishimura, M. Brain Res. (2006) [Pubmed]
  7. The mesencephalic trigeminal sensory nucleus is involved in the control of feeding and exploratory behavior in mice. Ishii, T., Furuoka, H., Itou, T., Kitamura, N., Nishimura, M. Brain Res. (2005) [Pubmed]
  8. Comparison of growth and exploratory behavior in mice fed an exclusively milk formula diet and mice fed a food-pellet diet post weaning. Ishii, T., Itou, T., Nishimura, M. Life Sci. (2005) [Pubmed]
  9. Inactivation of integrin-linked kinase induces aberrant tau phosphorylation via sustained activation of glycogen synthase kinase 3beta in N1E-115 neuroblastoma cells. Ishii, T., Furuoka, H., Muroi, Y., Nishimura, M. J. Biol. Chem. (2003) [Pubmed]
  10. Integrin-linked kinase controls neurite outgrowth in N1E-115 neuroblastoma cells. Ishii, T., Satoh, E., Nishimura, M. J. Biol. Chem. (2001) [Pubmed]
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