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Jorge Correale

Department of Neurology

Institute for Neurological Research Dr. Raúl Carrea


Buenos Aires



Name/email consistency: high



  • Department of Neurology, Institute for Neurological Research Dr. Raúl Carrea, FLENI, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2002 - 2012
  • Institute for Neurological Research Dr Raúl Carrea, Fundación para la Lucha contra las Enfermedades Neurológicas de la Infancia, Montañeses 2325, Buenos Aires 1428, Argentina. 2011
  • Dr. Raúl Carrea Institute for Neurological Research, Foundation for the Fight against Childhood Neurological Diseases (FLENI), Department of Neurology, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2009
  • Department of Neurology, USC School of Medicine, 1333 San Pablo Street, MCK 142, USA. 2000


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