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James S. Tweddell

Department of Surgery

Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Medical College of Wisconsin




Name/email consistency: high



  • Department of Surgery, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI. 2010
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wis 53226, USA. 2002 - 2009
  • Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Sections of Pediatric Cardiology and Critical Care, Medical College of Wisconsin and Herma Heart Center, USA. 2009
  • Herma Heart Center and Children's Research Institute, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226, USA. 2005 - 2007
  • Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI 53226, USA. 2004


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