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Panagiotis G. Korovessis

Orthopaedic Department

General Hospital "Agios Andreas"





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  • Orthopaedic Department, General Hospital "Agios Andreas", 26224, Patras, Greece. 2000 - 2011
  • Orthopaedic Department and Institute for Radiology General Hospital Agios Andreas, 1 Tsertidou Str., Patras, Greece. 2001 - 2010
  • General Hospital Agios Andreas; A' Orthopaedic Department, 65-67 Haralabi Str., Patras, GR-26224 Greece, Greece. 2006
  • Orthopaedic Department, 65-67 Haralabi str., 26224 Patras, General Hospital, GREECE. 2002
  • Spine Unit, Agios Andreas General Hospital, Patras, Greece. 2000


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  16. Biomechanical evaluation of conventional internal contemporary spinal fixation techniques used for stabilization of complete sacroiliac joint separation: a 3-dimensional unilaterally isolated experimental stiffness study. Korovessis, P.G., Magnissalis, E.A., Deligianni, D. Spine (2006) [Pubmed]
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