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Marie L. De Bruin

Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacotherapy




Name/email consistency: high



  • Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacotherapy, Utrecht, Netherlands. 2002 - 2007
  • Department of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacotherapy, Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS), PO Box 80082, 3508 TB Utrecht, Netherlands. 2005
  • Institute for Pharmacoepidemiology and Outcomes Research, Utrecht, Netherlands. 2002


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  2. Pharmacogenetics of drug-induced arrhythmias: a feasibility study using spontaneous adverse drug reactions reporting data. De Bruin, M.L., van Puijenbroek, E.P., Bracke, M., Hoes, A.W., Leufkens, H.G. Pharmacoepidemiol. Drug. Saf (2006) [Pubmed]
  3. Anti-HERG activity and the risk of drug-induced arrhythmias and sudden death. De Bruin, M.L., Pettersson, M., Meyboom, R.H., Hoes, A.W., Leufkens, H.G. Eur. Heart J. (2005) [Pubmed]
  4. Predicting cardiac arrhythmias and sudden death in diabetic users of proarrhythmic drugs. De Bruin, M.L., van Staa, T.P., Belitser, S.V., Leufkens, H.G., Hoes, A.W. Diabetes. Care (2005) [Pubmed]
  5. Hospital discharge diagnoses of ventricular arrhythmias and cardiac arrest were useful for epidemiologic research. De Bruin, M.L., van Hemel, N.M., Leufkens, H.G., Hoes, A.W. J. Clin. Epidemiol (2005) [Pubmed]
  6. QTc-prolonging drugs and hospitalizations for cardiac arrhythmias. De Bruin, M.L., Hoes, A.W., Leufkens, H.G. Am. J. Cardiol. (2003) [Pubmed]
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  8. Non-sedating antihistamine drugs and cardiac arrhythmias -- biased risk estimates from spontaneous reporting systems?. De Bruin, M.L., van Puijenbroek, E.P., Egberts, A.C., Hoes, A.W., Leufkens, H.G. Br. J. Clin. Pharmacol (2002) [Pubmed]
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