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Andrey M. Mazarati

Department of Pediatrics

Neurology Division

D. Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

22-474 MDCC



Name/email consistency: high



  • Department of Pediatrics, Neurology Division, D. Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, 22-474 MDCC, USA. 1999 - 2010
  • West Los Angeles Veteran Administration Medical Center, Research 151, 11301 Wilshire Boulevard, CA 90073, USA. 2004 - 2005
  • Department of Neurology, UCLA School of Medicine, USA. 1997 - 2004
  • West Los Angeles VA Medical Center, and Department of Neurology, D. Geffen Medical School, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA. 2004
  • Greater Los Angeles Health Care System, Sepulveda 91343-2099, California, USA. 2000
  • Veteran Administration Medical Center, Neurology Service, UCLA School of Medicine, Sepulveda, USA. 1998


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