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Kilarkaje Narayana

Department of Anatomy

Faculty of Medicine

HSC, Kuwait University




Name/email consistency: high



  • Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, HSC, Kuwait University, Safat, Kuwait. 2005 - 2010
  • Department of Anatomy, Kasturba Medical College, Light House Hill Road, Mangalore 575001, India. 2002 - 2005


  1. Cisplatin induces duplex 3' overhangs and 5' blunt ends in epididymal epithelium in a Bax-dependent manner without any protection from L-ascorbic acid. Narayana, K. Eur. J. Pharmacol. (2010) [Pubmed]
  2. l-Ascorbic acid partially protects two cycles of cisplatin chemotherapy-induced testis damage and oligo-astheno-teratospermia in a mouse model. Narayana, K., Verghese, S., Jacob, S.S. Exp. Toxicol. Pathol. (2009) [Pubmed]
  3. An aminoglycoside antibiotic gentamycin induces oxidative stress, reduces antioxidant reserve and impairs spermatogenesis in rats. Narayana, K. J. Toxicol. Sci (2008) [Pubmed]
  4. A purine nucleoside analogue-acyclovir [9-(2-hydroxyethoxymethyl)-9h-guanine] reversibly impairs testicular functions in mouse. Narayana, K. J. Toxicol. Sci (2008) [Pubmed]
  5. Methyl parathion induces the formation of symplasts by round spermatid fusion and alters the biochemical parameters in the testis. Narayana, K. Morphologie (2007) [Pubmed]
  6. Incidence, types and clinical implications of a non-metrical variant--mylohyoid bridging in human mandibles. Narayana, K., Narayan, P., Ashwin, K., Prabhu, L.V. Folia Morphol. (Warsz) (2007) [Pubmed]
  7. Neonatal methyl parathion exposure affects the growth and functions of the male reproductive system in the adult rat. Narayana, K., Prashanthi, N., Nayanatara, A., Kumar, H.H., Abhilash, K., Bairy, K.L. Folia Morphol. (Warsz) (2006) [Pubmed]
  8. An organophosphate insecticide methyl parathion (o- o- dimethyl o-4-nitrophenyl phosphorothioate) induces cytotoxic damage and tubular atrophy in the testis despite elevated testosterone level in the rat. Narayana, K., Prashanthi, N., Nayanatara, A., Bairy, L.K., D'Souza, U.J. J. Toxicol. Sci (2006) [Pubmed]
  9. The antiviral drug ribavirin reversibly affects the reproductive parameters in the male Wistar rat. Narayana, K., D'Souza, U.J., Narayan, P., Kumar, G. Folia Morphol. (Warsz) (2005) [Pubmed]
  10. Effects of methyl parathion (o,o-dimethyl o-4-nitrophenyl phosphorothioate) on rat sperm morphology and sperm count, but not fertility, are associated with decreased ascorbic acid level in the testis. Narayana, K., Prashanthi, N., Nayanatara, A., Kumar, H.H., Abhilash, K., Bairy, K.L. Mutat. Res. (2005) [Pubmed]
  11. Intraosseous course of the inferior alveolar (dental) nerve and its relative position in the mandible. Narayana, K., Vasudha, S. Indian. J. Dent. Res (2004) [Pubmed]
  12. Ribavirin-induced sperm shape abnormalities in Wistar rat. Narayana, K., D'Souza, U.J., Seetharama Rao, K.P. Mutat. Res. (2002) [Pubmed]
  13. The genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of ribavirin in rat bone marrow. Narayana, K., D'Souza, U.J., Seetharama Rao, K.P. Mutat. Res. (2002) [Pubmed]
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