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Christian Parr

Cardiff University



Name/email consistency: high



  • Cardiff University, UK. 2010
  • Metastasis and Angiogenesis Research Group, School of Medicine, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom. 2005 - 2007
  • University Department of Surgery, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff, UK. 2000 - 2004


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  2. Matriptase-2 inhibits breast tumor growth and invasion and correlates with favorable prognosis for breast cancer patients. Parr, C., Sanders, A.J., Davies, G., Martin, T., Lane, J., Mason, M.D., Mansel, R.E., Jiang, W.G. Clin. Cancer Res. (2007) [Pubmed]
  3. Hepatocyte growth factor activation inhibitors (HAI-1 and HAI-2) regulate HGF-induced invasion of human breast cancer cells. Parr, C., Jiang, W.G. Int. J. Cancer (2006) [Pubmed]
  4. Reduced vascular endothelial growth inhibitor (VEGI) expression is associated with poor prognosis in breast cancer patients. Parr, C., Gan, C.H., Watkins, G., Jiang, W.G. Angiogenesis (2006) [Pubmed]
  5. Placenta growth factor is over-expressed and has prognostic value in human breast cancer. Parr, C., Watkins, G., Boulton, M., Cai, J., Jiang, W.G. Eur. J. Cancer (2005) [Pubmed]
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  10. Nk4, a new HGF/SF variant, is an antagonist to the influence of HGF/SF on the motility and invasion of colon cancer cells. Parr, C., Hiscox, S., Nakamura, T., Matsumoto, K., Jiang, W.G. Int. J. Cancer (2000) [Pubmed]
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