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Philip Eaton

Cardiovascular Division

King's College London

Rayne Institute

St Thomas' Hospital

United Kingdom


Name/email consistency: high



  • Cardiovascular Division, King's College London, Rayne Institute, St Thomas' Hospital, United Kingdom. 2002 - 2012
  • Department of Cardiology, King's College London, London, UK. 2005
  • Cardiovascular Research, The Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine, King's College London, The Rayne Institute, UK. 2001 - 2003


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  2. Nitroglycerin Fails to Lower Blood Pressure in Redox-Dead Cys42Ser PKG1α Knock-In Mouse. Rudyk, O., Prysyazhna, O., Burgoyne, J.R., Eaton, P. Circulation (2012) [Pubmed]
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