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Gene Review

CHRNG  -  cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, gamma...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ACHRG, Acetylcholine receptor subunit gamma
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Disease relevance of CHRNG


High impact information on CHRNG

  • We then identified germline-inactivating mutations in the embryonal acetylcholine receptor gamma subunit (CHRNG) in families with both lethal and nonlethal MPSs [1].
  • Conventional gel electrophoresis followed by Southern blot analysis indicated no evidence of rearrangement within or near these genes except for a rearrangement in the CHRNG-CHRND locus, which occurred only in a subpopulation of the late recurrence tumor cells of one patient [2].
  • The pattern of segregation of this 30-40 kb band correlated with the segregation of human chromosome 2 within the panel and the presence of a chromosomal translocation in the distal part of the long arm of this t(X;2)(p22;q32.1) chromosome allowing the localization of the gamma subunit gene (CHRNG) to 2q32----qter [3].


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