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Gene Review

TBX22  -  T-box 22

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ABERS, CLPA, CPX, T-box protein 22, T-box transcription factor TBX22, ...
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Disease relevance of TBX22


Psychiatry related information on TBX22

  • We describe TBX22 expression in early human development, where expression is found in the palatal shelves and is highest prior to elevation to a horizontal position above the tongue. mRNA is also detected in the base of the tongue in the region of the frenulum that corresponds to the ankyloglossia seen in CPX patients [2].

High impact information on TBX22

  • The spectrum of nonsense, splice-site, frameshift and missense mutations we have identified in this study indicates that the cleft phenotype results from a complete loss of TBX22 function [1].
  • The mouse Tbx22 gene encodes a putative protein of 517 amino acid residues, which shares 72% overall amino acid sequence identity with the human TBX22 protein [3].
  • To understand the role of TBX22 in disease pathogenesis and in normal development, it is necessary to carry out a detailed temporal and spatial gene expression analysis [3].
  • 1. The TBX22 mRNA is 2099 base pairs long and encodes a 400-amino-acids protein containing a T-domain in its NH(2)-terminal region which has the unique feature of missing 20 amino-acids relative to the other known T-domains [4].
  • We show here that this new gene, called TBX22, is composed of seven exons spanning 8.7 kilobases of genomic DNA in Xq21 [4].

Biological context of TBX22

  • TBX22 transcripts were exclusively found in a human fetal cDNA library and no homologous gene could be detected in the mouse genome [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TBX22

  • Sequence analysis of TBX22 gene revealed a novel change c.358C>T in exon 3 (R120W) located in the T-BOX domain; this change was present in all affected members and none of the 100 controls [5].


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