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African swine fever virus pB119L protein is a flavin adenine dinucleotide- linked sulfhydryl oxidase.

Protein pB119L of African swine fever virus belongs to the Erv1p/Alrp family of sulfhydryl oxidases and has been described as a late nonstructural protein required for correct virus assembly. To further our knowledge of the function of protein pB119L during the virus life cycle, we have investigated whether this protein possesses sulfhydryl oxidase activity, using a purified recombinant protein. We show that the purified protein contains bound flavin adenine dinucleotide and is capable of catalyzing the formation of disulfide bonds both in a protein substrate and in the small molecule dithiothreitol, the catalytic activity being comparable to that of the Erv1p protein. Furthermore, protein pB119L contains the cysteines of its active-site motif CXXC, predominantly in an oxidized state, and forms noncovalently bound dimers in infected cells. We also show in coimmunoprecipitation experiments that protein pB119L interacts with the viral protein pA151R, which contains a CXXC motif similar to that present in thioredoxins. Protein pA151R, in turn, was found to interact with the viral structural protein pE248R, which contains disulfide bridges and belongs to a class of myristoylated proteins related to vaccinia virus L1R, one of the substrates of the redox pathway encoded by this virus. These results suggest the existence in African swine fever virus of a system for the formation of disulfide bonds constituted at least by proteins pB119L and pA151R and identify protein pE248R as a possible final substrate of this pathway.[1]


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