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The product of gene secC is involved in the synthesis of exported proteins in E. coli.

To obtain additional mutants in the secretory apparatus of E. coli we have isolated suppressors of a mutant (secAts) that is temperature-sensitive for secretion. One of these, secC, can suppress the secretion defect of secA and has a phenotype of its own. At 23 degrees C, the secC mutant is cold-sensitive for growth and blocks the synthesis of transported proteins. The synthesis of at least one secreted protein, maltose-binding protein (MBP), can be restored by mutations that alter the hydrophobic region of the signal sequence of MBP. The phenotype of the secC mutant suggests that the SecC protein may be a component of the secretory apparatus of E. coli; it also supports the notion that in procaryotes secretion and gene expression are coupled. The secC gene maps at 68.5 minutes on the E. coli chromosome.[1]


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